June 2021

Conference in Sibiu – Trial Phase A

The goal of the Trial Phase A in Romania was to introduce on a small local level to people working in formal and in non-formal educational structures to the topic of domestic violence and the way these can be addressed on a child friendly level. The target group where persons working in schools and non-governmental-organizations, where most of the children belong to the Roma community. In a first step representatives of the local educational institutions, teachers from the urban and the rural areas and NGO members exchanged their experiences and challenges in working with the issue of domestic violence. At the same time they got introduced to different methods (like role playing, group work, video materials etc.) in order to be able to use this methods in their work with children. Experts, with educational and judicial background, presented and practiced with the participants open methods, that would allow children to recognize themselves ways and possibilities to address domestic violence in their everyday live. At the same time already existing networks between public institutions, schools and NGO´s where strengthened and widened.